Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Surprise end-of-year reunion show!

I was treated to an unexpected surprise this week: DJ Gunrack returned to Kalamazoo for the holidays! I was able to smuggle him into the studio for the show tonight. Since it was the last show of 2011, we ripped off our own concept from 2010 and played our favorite tracks and artists of the year. The show ended up going a bit past the normal 2-hour length but we took that liberty since no one has a show after the show's timeslot and the overnight computer can get a bit repetitive if you've ever listened to it more than, well, once.

Hard to believe we've come to the end of another year. Gunrack has moved away and I'm hoping to follow in his footsteps and escape Kalamazoo sooner than later. I graduate in the spring and the future is uncertain after that point. Will I find a job? Will I get fired from WIDR for smuggling Gunrack into the studio? Will the world actually end in 2012? Tune in next year to find out!

Since this is a “Best of” show and we think these bands are of particular note, here is the track list in order of "artist/song/album" from last-to-first:
PJ Harvey The Glorious Land Let England Shake
Kraak & Smaak Never Too Late Electric Hustle
Glorie Music for a horror Movie Gorie
Gorillaz Revolving Doors The Fall
Daedelus featuring Inara George Penny Loafers Bespoke
Carla Khilstedt & Matthias Bossi Echo of the Future Still You Lay Dreaming Tales for the stage 2
Colin Stetson Judges New History Warfare Vol.2 Judges
Blotted Science Ingesting Blattaria The Animation of Entomology
Battles Rolls Bayce Gloss Drop
Puscifer Horizons Conditions of my Parole
Thundercat Is It Love? The Golden Age Of Apocalypse
Fujiya & Miyagi Pills Ventriloquizzing
James Blake Limit To Your Love (feist) James Blake
Radiohead Codex The King Of Limbs No DJ Brisco Grouchy
The Log.OS Antikythera λ ό γ ο ςλόγος/
Opeth Pyre (bonus) Heritage
Jessica Lea Mayfield Run Myself Into the Ground Tell Me
Jono El Grande La Dolce Vidda Phantom Stimulance
Kamchatka Bye Bye Minds Eye Bury Your Roots
Low Witches C'mon
Minutes ... and Friend Self Titled LP
The Chemical Brothers Car Chase (arp worship) Hanna OST
Black Sky Black Death Gold In Gold Out Noir
Africa Hitech 93 Million Miles 93 Million Miles
Little Dragon Little Man Ritual Union
Siriusmo Femuscle Pearls & Embarrassments: 2000-2010
Devin Townsend Project Ho Krll Deconstruction (Bonus)
Rob Crow Hangnailed He thinks hes people Heavy
Mexicans with guns Restart Ceremony
Saul Williams Diagram Volcanic Sunlight
Mochipet whomp-a-saurus sex whomp-a-saurus sex
Blaerg Engrossed in euphony Everything was altered
Beats Antique Cat Skillz Elektrafone
Primus Moron TV Green Naugahyde
Dub Trio Control issues controlling your mind IV
Ellie Goulding/Bassnectar Lights Divergent Spectrum
Death Grips Beware Exmilitary
Animals as leaders Cylindrical sea Weightless
Tom Waits Bad as me Bad as me
Steve Mason and Dennis Bovell Yesterday Dub Ghosts outside

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

Check out the page: HERE

Until next year, stay nerdy.
Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy chrimbus!

The end of the year is nigh! Only one more broadcast until the new year. We marked this year's christmassacre with a few staples, some new tracks, then completely abandoned the concept in favor of the LAN Party's regular musical fare. We are nothing if not alarmingly inconsistent.

LAN Party christmas ideas:
- Listen to the podcast while doing your online shopping.
- Violate the Mall Santa.
- Contemplate castle doctrine and how it relates to a man coming down your chimney.

Those sharper ears out there may notice that I actually played a song after the Meshuggah track. If anyone happens to be curious, the last song of the set was Goblin Cock's "Beneath the island of misfit toys". I stumbled across it and thought it was appropriate for a holiday show. And I pretty much love any Rob Crow project.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: Here

Check out the tracklisting at the page: Here

Happy chrimbus! And to all a good plight!
Jackie Treehorn.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brain Cram

We plod through time and come upon yet another final exam week. I have made it past this challenge relatively unscathed, but next semester will be the Ultimate Challenge. I hope all you student-listeners out there fare well.

This week was an attempt at playing some relaxed music to aid anyone still cramming their heads with knowledge. You can decide how successful I was.

Download the MP3: HERE

Check out the tracklist at the page: HERE

Take luck on exams,
Jackie Treehorn.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This was an unexpectedly electro-centric show. Between the dubby tracks, 8 bit artists and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo teaser, there were many solid beats. Next week will certainly not be a repeat but will probably be similar. I have a solid queue of related material and what with final exams, I will not be able to delve into the deep, dark internet to get lots of crazy music. But never fear; after exams I will have a few weeks to gather new stuff.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3:HERE

Get the tracklist on the page: HERE

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Blunderland

The snow season is upon us. Ice flakes rain down from the sky to wreak havoc with commuters and vertigo-stricken citizens. The only way to stay safe is to carry your portable hair dryer and blast the ice out of the sky! (this will probably end up being a fruitless battle).

This was a good show. I apologize to those of you who listen frequently. Several of the opening songs were...good. I was exacting some revenge for a terrible request last week. Lots of G.A.P.E.S. and some technical/prog metal thrown in for good measure.

Avoid them pesky ice lakes and keep your feet on the ground this week. Stay warm and cozy when you can. The LAN Party folks will be donning our gay apparel in recognition of the holiday season. Oh Joy!

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

Get the tracklisting: HERE

Stay geeky, Kalamazoo,
Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prepare for evacuation!

Turkey Day is quickly approaching. Do you have the willpower to avoid a second helping of granny's yams? If you need a break from the football-and-meat festival, you can always force your family to suffer through another edition of The LAN Party! Impress your disdainful hipster cousin with your vast knowledge of indie radio!

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

View the tracklisting: HERE

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaking news and breaking headaches.

Lots of news this week! If you read the facebook page, you may have noticed that I made the announcement that Henry Rollins will be coming to Kalamazoo to do a spoken-word engagement at the State Theatre. This was made possible by my bosses at WIDR. I am superfuckingexcited for this. I was lucky enough to see Rollins many years ago at the same venue and he is one of my personal idols. The details of the event can be found HERE.

A few new CDs in the rotation rack will be featured on the who in the coming weeks. Particularly of interest is the David Lynch CD. I'm looking forward to whatever freaky shit is on there. Some potential in some of the electronic releases as well. I will give them some further listening and decide.

I bought some parts for my bike and was able to visit it today for a brief moment. The bike is stored at my friend's new garage, Checkered Past Cycles. Located in the bustling metropolis of Galesburg, Michigan, the shop is sure to be a hangout for biker hooligans and felonious behavior. I'll fit right in. The FZ1 has some friends to hang out with over the winter:

I am feeling a bit under the weather today and that fact is probably revealed in the show. I felt that the song timing was a bit "off" compared to my more successful attempts at radio broadcasting. Oh well. The point of posting these shows is for both posterity and future mocking.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

Get the tracklisting at the page: HERE

Stay warm and keep it geeky.
- Jackie Treehorn.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall is almost gone

We arrive at the time of year when the pretty fall colors disappear and the presence of dingy brown slush-snow is fast approaching.

I put my motorcycle away. Its been rainy and dark. I don't often feel gloomy but this week may throw me into that seasonal depression spirit.

I made sure to pack a bunch of new music into this week's set. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to the callers for the requests. I appreciate knowing that someone is listening.

Stream the show:

Download the .MP3: HERE

Check out the page for the tracklisting: HERE

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pocket pool in the courtyard

And just like that, November pounces! Hard to believe the end of the year is drawing ever closer.

I have homework so I'll keep this brief. Many thanks for the call-ins and requests tonight. I kinda felt like the rotation selections were a bit rubbish this week. Also, someone stole the new Beats Antique album so that was a bummer. I was going to play a track. It shall be queued up for next week!

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

View the page: HERE

Until next week, keep it geeky.
- Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peter Steele Tribute Week

Its that time of year when the leaves turn colors and pumpkins are cruelly mutilated. Wine is consumed and masks are donned. Must be Peter Steele Tribute Week! This week's show focused on songs that pay homage to Peter Steele. Something called Halloween apparently shares the same time of year and it appears to be hogging most of the attention. Well, screw you, Halloween! This week is about Peter Steele and I'll never forget!

In honor of the tribute, I played a super-rare, unreleased version of Type 0 Negative's song "World Coming Down". I promise that you will not find this anywhere else. Huge thanks to the FCC and EAS for the collaboration.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: Here

View the page: Here

Download the World Coming Down EAS Remix: Here

Have a safe Halloween for Pete's sake!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School makes me busy.

After last week's reggae fusion show I had a surplus of good songs to jam so I let the music do the talkin' this time. I'm pretty busy with school studyin' so this will be short and sweet.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3 HERE

Get the playlist on the page HERE

Until next week,
Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reggae LAN Party Revolution Mashup.

Whew! 4 hours in the studio is a long damn time!

Selector Jonathan is over in France taking lots of pics so I covered his show this week. I decided to challenge myself and combine the shows into one big mashup of material. I actually have wayyyy more than 4 hours of suitable music, which is scary because I don't consider myself to be that big of a reggae fan. The reggae stuff I hear in the studio in the minutes before I take over the mixing board must be rubbing off on me. Huh. DAMN YOU FOR EXPANDING MY MUSICAL TASTES, WIDR! DAMN YOU!!

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: Click here. page HERE

Join me for a return to the regular LAN Party format.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The difference in a week.

Following lacks week demonstration of what happens when I prepare nothing, this week's show featured a lot of really great music because I took some time to make a playlist. Seriously. I actually had so much material that I still have more great stuff in the queue for next week. And thats gawdamm amazing; I usually blow my load of good stuff within about the first hour. The Pinn Panelle track near the beginning and the BADBADNOTGOOD song at the end of the show are both covers. I'll let you figure out who they're covering for.

If you didn't like the Devin block of songs, accept my apologies. I'm very excited about accompanying DJ White Wizard to the Devin Townsend show in Grand Rapids. I predict much fun to be had. We shall rock and/or roll.

If you haven't already done so, please consider checking out this year's Barking Tuna Fest. It is one of the station's primary fundraisers in addition to bringing some crazy cool music to Kalamazoo.

Check out the page HERE.

Stream the podcast:

Download the MP3: HERE

Until next week, keep it geeky.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bring no pain.

This was another one of those shows where I perhaps didn't bring much pain to the table. I have two papers due on Monday and they're disrupting my life. The playlist suffered for it, and I apologize. If you like metal, though, maybe it didn't suffer at all. You decide for yourself!

Stream the Show:

Download the MP3 HERE

Check out the tracklist HERE

Until next week, keep it geeky.
- Jackie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The hits just keep on missing.

What a week! DJ White Wizard and I traveled to Grand Rapids to see They Might Be Giants at The Intersection. Jonathan Coulton opened the show and his set, while very good, was decidedly short. Kinda disappointing. They Might Be Giants was excellent. There was a puppet show, lots of humble-nerd-rock-star self-deprecation, and two encores! The trip was fraught with peril; we battled traffic jams and two instances of a dead car battery. Fear not however, for we were able to make it to Kalamazoo unharmed and victorious. We conquered that dead battery so hard it came back to life!

Speaking of The Intersection, I will be attending several upcoming shows. Helmet is playing on the 5th of October and Devin Townsend will be there on the 9th. DJ White Wizard will be joining me for the Devin Townsend concert. Exciting musical times after a musical drought all year.

I would have to concede that tonight's show was not as nerdified as shows in the past if you wanted to highlight the lack of chiptunes and GAPES. I apologize but I think this particular electronic and post-rock centric show was still nerdy in it's own right.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3 HERE

Get the tracklist from the page HERE

Thanks for tuning in this week. Until next time, Keep It Geeky!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Clear the cache.

School has been in session for one week. My classes are promising so far. I've not yet received any parking tickets. The weather has presented more opportunity for hoodies than anticipated. As you can note, things are pretty swell.

I've been able to take the bike to class all week. This is bittersweet; the time to put it away for the winter will be sooner than later.

In addition to DJ Gun Rack's emailed contributions, this was a bit of a clearing-the-cache show. I've accumulated a bunch of unplayed songs leftover from shows in the recent past. I took the opportunity to ERADICATE THEM!

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

Check out the tracklisting: HERE

Stay tuned next week for more wacky LAN Party 3.0 action!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to school to prove to Vlad you're not a fool.

A whole bunch of people started occupying a popular area of Kalamazoo this week. They have to pay for parking and may get first-hand experience with alcohol abuse in the very near future. If you guessed the WMU campus, you're right. Pat yourself on the back with the hand not holding your backpack full of overpriced textbooks.

This is your humble DJ's senior year. Hard to believe it only took me 10 years to get a 4 year degree (...and they say miracles don't happen!) Since this could potentially be my last fall semester EVER, I'm pledging to bring you some top quality LAN Party this year.

This particular show was pretty strong if I do say so myself. The seminal Roommate From Hell track by the two MC's, Lars & Chris, started us off, Hugh Laurie was our GAPES for the evening, and Mr. Rogers finished it up from the rear. Ahem. Enjoy the back-to-school episode!

Stream the show:

Download the .MP3 HERE

Get the tracklisting from the page HERE

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DJ Gun Rack makes a return!

DJ Gun Rack called me last week and informed me that he would maybe be back in town in time for a reunion show. Turns out he got here in time. The south has not conquered him yet. This was good news. The show served as a convenient segue into the coming fall semester. Tune in next week for a back-to-school special!

Stream the show:

Download the MP3 HERE

Check out the page HERE

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This concludes our broadcast.

...of the Hitchhiker's Guide, anyway. Our ambitious endeavor has been finished to completion. (Theres gotta be a better way to say that!). It took a little more time than the original half-year estimate but whatever comes next should dovetail nicely with the beginning of the school year in two weeks.

This week's show was a bit electro-centric, which was not my intention at the onset. Huh. Guess things happened that way.

I'm coming to realize that as long as I'm alone in the studio, I need to do things to keep myself and you, the listener, entertained. I don't like talking at you about nothing, but I also don't like a two hour chunk of music thrown at you. I'd like to use some WIDR influence and try to do a few author, artist, musician interviews in the coming months. This is my senior year here at WMU, I don't want to squander away the resources I have available.

Some potential interview candidates:
Carl King
Chad Kultgen
Iain Levison

The list will get added to. If you have someone in mind, let me know.

Stream this week's show:

Download the MP3: Clicky

Check out the song-list at the Archive page: Clicky

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The life of facts.

This week marks the second-to-last episode of Hitchhiker's Guide. I'm currently looking for something new to take over that nice block of time. Music selections in the studio were pretty damn swell. The rotation rack has tunes a'plenty.

This week also marks the last few days of my summer class. Pretty crazy stuff. I'm a senior! This will (hopefully) be my last summer class. Ever. Unless the job market is so piss poor that I require a doctorate to work at a Starbux. Possible.

Stream this week's show:

Download the MP3: Clicky.

Get the tracklist: Clicky.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Studio time

The studio appears to have healed itself after last week's lightning strike. I think the webstream is back up as well. For now.

This weeks show marks the 24th episode of the Hitchhiker's guide series. It also featured lots of new music; some of the music were hits, some of it misses. There may even have been an accidental "c-word" I edited out of the recording. Ahem.

Enjoy. I'm off to go act like a hooligan around campus for a bit.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: Clicky

Check out the page for the tracklist: Clicky

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The write-up to my motorcycle trip can be found here. The pics were too large for the blog to handle.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's goddamn August already.

August? Already? Damn! Soon I'll be heading back to school for my last year at WMU. Hard to believe.

Welp, heres a podcast to stream:

Heres a download link to the MP3: Clicky

Heres a link to see the tracklist: Clicky

The moto-trip writeup will be coming shortly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pre-trip podcast

This week's show was short and simple. I admit I didn't spend a lot of time on preparing the playlist and it shows. Please pardon my awkwardness around the beginning of the broadcast. This week has been crazy busy for your humble DJ. In addition to sleeping through class today I had yet another friend leaving Michigan in pursuit of good opportunity. This summer has been jam packed with activities!

Stream this week's show:

Download the MP3 HERE

Get the track-list at the page HERE

In other news, I'm on my way to see Clutch this afternoon in Champaign-Urbana, IL at The Canopy Club. I should be staying the night and then checking out the Chanute Air Museum the next day. What makes this somewhat exciting and daunting is that this will be my longest journey-by-motorcycle ever undertaken. Cross your digits for me. I promise to do a write up following the trip.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot chips

In case you hadn't noticed, its pretty hot outside this week. Your humble DJ recommends hydration, shade, and an internet connection to stream/download/enjoy this latest podcast.

This week's show marks the 21st episode of the Hitchhiker's guide series. Only five more to go before it concludes. The music selection this week was solid. Enjoy.

Stream here:

Download the MP3 HERE

Tracklist on the Page

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mid-July craziness

Tonight marks episode 20 of the Hitchhiker's Guide series. Only 6 more left. Crazy.

Tonight also marks the return back to mp3s! Whatever issue the WIDR computers were having with mp3s has been resolved and the format is now acceptable for the iTunesU podcast uploading. Yay!

I was going to try to interview whatever random hobo happened to be sleeping under the stairs at the Faunce/WIDR building tonight but sadly no hobo was present. Maybe next time.

Stream the show:


Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Introducing Jackie Treehorn to the show.

Well, Gun Rack will be leaving the state in a matter of hours.

Since the show will no doubt change in his absence I chose a new name in addition to changing versions to mark to the next iteration of this radio show.

Without further ado, it is time to introduce The LAN Party 3.0 with your host, Jackie Treehorn.

Tonight's show was a bit of a surprise, even to myself. It came together rather nicely.

Download the .m4a HERE

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Departed.

Right on the heels of the last post, here is the most recent.

Download the Podcast from airdate 6-29-11 RIGHT HERE

This show marks DJ Gun Rack's departure to attend SCAD in Savannah, Ga. This is bittersweet for me but it's an incredible opportunity and I wish him the best. Stay tuned for next week's show; there will be some changes comin' down the pipe.

mega podcast upload!

Here are all those pesky podcasts that have been cloggin' up the tubes:

Airdate 6-8-11: Download the .M4a

Airdate 6-15-11: Download the .M4a

Airdate 6-22-11: Download the .M4a

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The times, they are a'changin...

We are nearing the end of Gun Rack's Kalamazoo occupation. This is bittersweet and the future of The Lan Party is a tiny bit uncertain. Harvey's direction with which to take the show is -as of yet- undecided. Don't fret too much, Harvey has a few tricks up his sleeve. The show will most defintely go on.
There will be one or two more Gun Rack-centric shows so he can build a cache of material to shove upon potential radio employers in the south. LAN Party 3.0 will follow. is being a bit temperamental and uploading the shows is a frustrating endeavor. Should we upload them at all? I don't believe we ever ascertained whether or not people were utilizing the shows via this blog. Please let us know!

- Harvey

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solo show!

Happy June firsteenth!
Maybe now that June is here, it won't rain so fucking much. Dobutful.

This podcast marks the 16th episode of Hitchhiker's Guide and in addition it was a solo show with only Harvey manning the mics. The studio gets a bit creepy this late at night with no one around. DJ Gun Rack is off exploring housing possibilities in a certain southern state called Georgia. I'll let him elaborate upon whence he returns.

View the page HERE

Download the .m4a HERE

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post-rapture podcast

We're still here. We weren't raptured, ruptured, or raptor'd. Macho Man Randy Savage is dead. With that knowledge, we are faced with having to ask if this is a world that we still want to live in.

Anyhoo, this podcast marks the 14th week of our continuing Hitchhiker's Guide radio drama installments.

Download the .m4a

Stay tuned next week for some more crazy shit since we're not dead.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pre-rapture podcast.

This marks our final Pre-rapture podcast. Thats right folks, get your duct tape and bottled water now! Armageddon it!
But really, we don't put much faith in Harold Camping and his predictions. Just, uhhh, sit back and let the rapture not enfold you.

This show featured the 14th installment of the Hitchhiker's Guide series. Following that was our t-shirt giveaway from Miles To Go Clothing. One of our faithful listeners, Jon From Ann Arbor, called in with the correct answer to our trivia question and won the shirt. Jealous, much?
The music was pretty damn good, as well. Highlights include El Chombo, Steve Mason, and Professor Elemental.

So, here is the 5-18-11 show. Download the m4a.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Look at us networking and stuff like real adults.

If you haven't seen the facebook page update, listen up:

We are doing a giveaway during tomorrow's show. Giving away what exactly? Well, glad you asked!

Greg, the super-awesome dude that runs the clothing company Miles To Go has offered to give a t-shirt to a listener. Miles To Go features designs inspired from literature and the artwork is printed on American Apparel blanks. This means its a quality shirt that won't fade and feels comfortable from day one. I prefer AA-printed shirts because they are long enough to cover my (apparently abnormally tall) torso without exposing my butt-crack and belly button to the random passerby. But thats just me.

So; if you listen to the show tommorow you'll have a chance to win. You can browse the site and pick your design. We will coordinate with Greg and he will send you the shirt. Simple. As. That.

Miles To Go also has a facebook page that Greg updates quite frequently with new designs, limited editions, and sales. Clicking "like" wouldn't be too much to ask since Greg has been gracious enough to offer this, right?

We're looking forward to hooking up one of our fans! You could be the one!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A surly yankee who hates musicals attends a musical.

As promised; my eagerly anticipated review of Monty Python's Spamalot.

The Monty Python group are renown amongst British-humor aficionados world over. Thick-spectacle-bedecked youths everywhere dedicate themselves to rote line-memorization and awkward referential snark. There are even fossils and stars named after the original cast members, fer chrissake. In addition to the TV series, movies, and books, the group has crossed over into the world of the Broadway theater and do their best to push the theater into their surreal, absurdist world. The musical comedy Spamalot is a rendition of the 1975 classic, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I don't want to spoil too much for the uninitiated, so suffice it to say that both the movie and stage production are essentially about the Knights of the Round Table on a quest to find the Holy Grail. King Arthur, Sir Robin, Galahad, and Lancelot all make appearances in addition to the movie staples such as the Knights Who Say Ni, the Black Knight, Taunting Frenchmen and the Swamp Castle crew. Genuinely funny things happen, dick-and-fart jokes are made, and everyone has an uproarious time. For what its worth, your humble author thinks that most classic British comedy is far and beyond superior to the current schlock of comedy movies.

This is a musical, so I expected some gay-old-time song-and-dance. I sorely underestimated their dedication to the craft. There are a lot of song and dance numbers. You may not understand me here; there are A. LOT. OF. SONGS. The original movie classics are all included in addition to a plethora new numbers. This may or may not sound enticing.

The stage version is obviously designed to appeal to a current audience; pop-culture references are numerous. Jokes are made at the expense of drug-addled divas, homosexuals, Jews, and Finland. Fear not however; irony is heavy and tongue is firmly planted in cheek. In addition, over the course of act I and throughout act II, the production and cast become aware of themselves and the audience, creating a metafictional theater situation. Many of the song numbers include musical allusions and subsequent mocking of other successful theater productions. Knees were slapped and chortles were uttered. A note for you daring types: sit in an aisle seat on the first floor and you may be subjected to a moment of audience participation.

Now comes the time to get down to the critical brass tacks: choreography and acting quality surpassed my (rather nonexistent) expectations. A standout was Caroline Bowman, the actress portraying The Lady Of The Lake. Her singing abilities were amazing. No hyperbole. Sound quality was excellent but perhaps I am a bit naive to theater sound expectations; my ears have been repeatedly raped by various metal acts. All lyrics were understandable and crystal clear. The stage-sets were faithful to the designs of the movie, all the way down to their intentional flaws. In fact, the only critical grenade I can lob is at Miller Auditorium for their seating. The seats are pretty awful, even for my slender buttocked frame.

Confession time; I am not the world's largest Monty Python fan and I am most definitely NOT a musical theater kind of gentleman. Despite involvement with the high school drama team and my family's well-meaning patronage of the playhouse on several occasions throughout my childhood, the theater just isn't for me. Musicals in particular. Did Spamalot's wily charm convert me into a season ticket holder? Well, no. But thanks to a generous friend with an extra ticket I was able to give it a try. I left Miller after having a genuinely good time due to the quality of the cast and humor. I highly doubt I would have been able to say the same had the show been one of the many interminable musicals that have graced the stage at Miller in the past.

The Kalamazoo dates have all concluded, but Monty Python's Spamalot is playing several nearby dates if you're interested in attending.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here are those shows I've neglected to upload for so long.

We're sitting here in the WIDR studio podcrafting the shows and watching the excellent Star Wars Episode II review from Red Letter Media. While we're here I took the opportunity to upload those podcasts I've been too lazy to upload earlier.

Here is the .m4a for the 4-13-11 show. Clicky.

Here is the .m4a for the 4-20-11 show. Clicky.

Sorry for the delay.

Beat that guy with a pipe wrench!

Another show completed. We apologize for the new FCC announcements at the start and ending of every show but I suspect it will be necessary for the foreseeable future.

Here is the link to the page with the playlist: Clicky
Here is the .m4a for the show. Clicky

(If your web browser is advanced enough, it can stream the .m4a through quicktime or some such similar thingamajig)

A friend of the show graciously offered a spare ticket to Monty Python's Spamalot coming to Miller Auditorium later on today. Stay tuned for Harvey's review of Spamalot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now you know our flow...

Here is the .m4a for the show on 5-4-11. Enjoy, Y'all.


We discovered an amazing cache of music at the studio stored in one of the computers. We plan on raiding said cache next week. Stay tuned in the future for selections gleaned from this discovery.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Same shit, different format.

This is the most current Podcast (airdate 4-27-11). You will notice that it is in .m4a format. Uploading them to in this manner prevents us from inserting the streaming function on this blog post. Sorry. If you prefer us to upload the mp3 instead, please let us know.

Also, there are several shows from the past few weeks that are not uploaded yet. I will get to uploading them soon, I promise.

Download the .m4a Control click, save, blah blah blah.

Monday, April 25, 2011

So....yeah.....I procrastinate harder.

I just realized its been a month since I updated the blog. Thats completely my fault. The studio computer makes it difficult to upload the podcasts and I'm not really sure if anyone is utilizing them once we make them available. iTunes requires the podcasts to be in .m4a format so I've been plopping them in the upload folder as .m4a's but neglecting to upload them to the blog. They're available. Just not here.

So, faithful listeners, please let us know if we should continue to upload the show, keep them on iTunes, or...whatever.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pledge Week.

Heres last week's show. I procrastinate.

We sponged for funds, mooched for money, and supplicated for shekels. Thats right, it was WIDR's Pledge Week. Hopefully the station did alright and we'll be able to keep on rockin' in the free world.


Download the MP3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We fart on desks.

This keyboad is terrible. It must be filed with te jizz of a thousand hipsters. I'm not gnna g bac knd look t osee what typos there are. Wat it types is what you get. This show marks the 6t instalment of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by dougas adams. Many thanks t the lstenetrs who made requsts. Stay tuned fr next weeK: WIDR WEEK, where we shamlessly ask for money. Maybe we can get a new fockin' keyboard.

Streah the shwo:

Dwnload the mp3"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're new wave. And old school.

This podcast marks the 5th installment of the Hitchhiker's guide. We keep stating this as a reminder to our listeners of course, but its mostly for us so we have a way of making sure we don't repeat any episodes.

Spring break is upon us. Enjoy your breaking.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Computers are slowing us down.

The studio computers are terrible. Sooooo terrible. I haven't seen keyboards this sticky since 10th grade.

This podcast marks the 4th episode of the Hitchhiker's Guide series.

Thanks to Jon in Ann Arbor for the excellent requests; the Eddie Murphy request satisfied our G.A.P.E.S. requirement for the night. And our creepy requirement.

Harvey has midterms, so this will be the end of the typing.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here. Have some homemade podcraft. Fresh from the oven.

This week marks the third episode of Hitchhiker's Guide. 3 "yea" votes, 0 "nay" votes concerning continuing the series. So far, so good.

The rest of the show was swell as far as we could tell. We enjoyed what we played; we hope you did as well.

We hear through the grapevine that the webstream is back up. This is joyous news indeed.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This podcast marks the second installment of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you're enjoying this, let us know. The rest of the show was also excellent.

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Until next week,
Your Intrepid DJs.