Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This concludes our broadcast.

...of the Hitchhiker's Guide, anyway. Our ambitious endeavor has been finished to completion. (Theres gotta be a better way to say that!). It took a little more time than the original half-year estimate but whatever comes next should dovetail nicely with the beginning of the school year in two weeks.

This week's show was a bit electro-centric, which was not my intention at the onset. Huh. Guess things happened that way.

I'm coming to realize that as long as I'm alone in the studio, I need to do things to keep myself and you, the listener, entertained. I don't like talking at you about nothing, but I also don't like a two hour chunk of music thrown at you. I'd like to use some WIDR influence and try to do a few author, artist, musician interviews in the coming months. This is my senior year here at WMU, I don't want to squander away the resources I have available.

Some potential interview candidates:
Carl King
Chad Kultgen
Iain Levison

The list will get added to. If you have someone in mind, let me know.

Stream this week's show:

Download the MP3: Clicky

Check out the song-list at the Archive page: Clicky

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