Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mango Party

Yes we love mahoes, wait no, mangoes, how do you pluralize a fucking mango?

Fuck grammar is hard, it does not help that it makes little to no sense, like math and science, the only thing that makes any sense are double neck guitars!!! FUCK YEAH!

Wait I'm an idiot.

Ok ignore my bullshit here is the show, and stick around till the end or just skip ahead to it cus there is a sneak prieview of the most awesome show WIDR has ever had yeah that's right THE TRUTH, now on iTunes.

If you listen to one podcast this week let it be Michael Feldmans WHAT DO YA KNOW? not much YOU? and feel free to then listen to Larry the Cable guy for some more funnies, giggleswords.

Unfortunately all of the shit above was written before I got errors, so the show wont go up tonight, it will be up on iTunes soon, and I will try again later tonight from a non western location to send it to the archives.

Raul & Fidle

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The most feeble love fest in history.

Sausage fest would be more accurate, and even those were lack luster.

However, after us there is now a new awesome show named The Truth.

I don't know if I can describe it, but it's better than our show and if you are awake during 2 to 4 am listen, it is also being podcastrated so look for it on iTunes.

Anyhoo as a formality, here is our weak attempt at boardcasting.


Seriously listen to the show after ours, it's like a breath of fresh air, after our bitternassity.

Fuedel and Ruel

Monday, June 21, 2010

Listen and if you dig it download it.


That's crazy, where do you enter your credit card number?



Ok so I'm trying to express in a crass way why jamendo.com is fucking awesome.

Just set it to play, if you dig a song, just press download, if you don't skip to the next song, and you are thinking no doubt but that means the music must be real shitty, sorry to disappoint you the music is up to par. Yes it's legal and free and it's a great way to discover music, so what are you doing wasting away here reading this when you could be listening to new music.

The music might not all hit home but you can search by artist, album, tags, there are radio stations and playlists. It's no frills logical approach to distributing free music, exposing folks to stuff they would never ever hear otherwise.


No I was not paid to push the site. I just happen to be a musician who would have no chance if not for websites like this and so I fully support the world truly being open and free. Also as a fanatic of music I love finding new music. You don't have to enter your email adress, unless you want them to send you stuff, and some of the artists have a place where you can donate to them, so if you dig the music a lot, you can directly support them, what could be more awesome?

Raul "Greasy" Podcastro

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We don't ussualy care because we're douches, but BP is a shit company that I hope isn't too big to fail.

Views expressed on the LAN party in no way reflect the controversy avoidant views of WIDR or WMU, we just don't know how to pretend like poison isn't gushing into the gulf of mexico killing animals that have been around for millions of years.

ANyhoo here is the fucking show...



Some Guy and that other one too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Enjoy the soulfull tones of technical difficulties.

Yeah so Raul fell asleep and the 3 inch cord just wasn't long enough to attach a laptop to, so without a doubt harrowing couple of minutes. However triumph was accomplished, as we chose not to abort, as we think every Lan Party has a right to life.

Thanks for sticking through it if you did, if you didn't stick it through then I'm sorry we allienated your kin. However if you give us another shot we would sure love to have you join out party, it's a good party.



Fidel and Raul (not aborted, THANK JESUS)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey thanks for all the awesome requests...

...honestly I don't think we've ever gotten so many requests in one night, and we were also able to fill most of them, which was surprising.

However some people missed the mark, we had a request for Chumbawumba and not one of the obscure Chumbuwumba songs they did that were anarchist inspired, no it was the only song that mTV overplayed because it was about DRUNKING WOOT!


If we didn't get to your requests, well you were in the minority.

Anyhoo bands we don't play are Eifel 65, Chumbawumba, Metallica, DIO...etc

WHY? well the reasons R many, but the basic ones are, we don't need to, 103.3 and WGRD well they can pull the weight on the overplayed music, we try to be more diverse, not that we always suceed but we try, the comercial radio stations don't try at all, they play the same songs everyday all day, year after year, it's all one hit wonders and divas and people who will be lucky to put out a second record before they resume their jobs at costco.

Fidle and RuPaul

A nerdy ride or two for your pleasure

As some of you may know, your humble DJ Fidel Podcastro (and Raul too) is a bit of a car nerd. So when he sees things like this in his local grocery store parking lot he must take a picture.

This dude really wants to be a Borg.

Also, over the weekend I went to the Kalamazoo Cars and Coffee event. Pretty sweet rides there, including a Porsche Carrera GT, a Lamborghini Gallardo, and lots of other very nice hardware. A buddy of mine took a picture of my bike:

If any of our local listeners are gear heads, I would highly recommend this event. It happens the last Saturday morning of the month, at Panera Bread on West Main. IF you look close through the pictures you'll even see me a few times!

And as always, the show is tonight at midnight. Talk to ya then,
Fidel Podcastro