Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Clear the cache.

School has been in session for one week. My classes are promising so far. I've not yet received any parking tickets. The weather has presented more opportunity for hoodies than anticipated. As you can note, things are pretty swell.

I've been able to take the bike to class all week. This is bittersweet; the time to put it away for the winter will be sooner than later.

In addition to DJ Gun Rack's emailed contributions, this was a bit of a clearing-the-cache show. I've accumulated a bunch of unplayed songs leftover from shows in the recent past. I took the opportunity to ERADICATE THEM!

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

Check out the tracklisting: HERE

Stay tuned next week for more wacky LAN Party 3.0 action!

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