Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pre-rapture podcast.

This marks our final Pre-rapture podcast. Thats right folks, get your duct tape and bottled water now! Armageddon it!
But really, we don't put much faith in Harold Camping and his predictions. Just, uhhh, sit back and let the rapture not enfold you.

This show featured the 14th installment of the Hitchhiker's Guide series. Following that was our t-shirt giveaway from Miles To Go Clothing. One of our faithful listeners, Jon From Ann Arbor, called in with the correct answer to our trivia question and won the shirt. Jealous, much?
The music was pretty damn good, as well. Highlights include El Chombo, Steve Mason, and Professor Elemental.

So, here is the 5-18-11 show. Download the m4a.

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