Monday, May 16, 2011

Look at us networking and stuff like real adults.

If you haven't seen the facebook page update, listen up:

We are doing a giveaway during tomorrow's show. Giving away what exactly? Well, glad you asked!

Greg, the super-awesome dude that runs the clothing company Miles To Go has offered to give a t-shirt to a listener. Miles To Go features designs inspired from literature and the artwork is printed on American Apparel blanks. This means its a quality shirt that won't fade and feels comfortable from day one. I prefer AA-printed shirts because they are long enough to cover my (apparently abnormally tall) torso without exposing my butt-crack and belly button to the random passerby. But thats just me.

So; if you listen to the show tommorow you'll have a chance to win. You can browse the site and pick your design. We will coordinate with Greg and he will send you the shirt. Simple. As. That.

Miles To Go also has a facebook page that Greg updates quite frequently with new designs, limited editions, and sales. Clicking "like" wouldn't be too much to ask since Greg has been gracious enough to offer this, right?

We're looking forward to hooking up one of our fans! You could be the one!

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