Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reggae + LAN Party = tired ass Fidel

Hey nerds and nerdettes,
I'm going to be covering the Reggae Revolution on Tuesday February 23rd and March 2nd. This may be a bit much for my limited reggae knowledge but Selector Jonathan is an excellent friend and I don't mind helping him out.

I will be completely honest and tell you that I dont like reggae in general. What makes the experience fun is that whenever I'm in the studio with Jon or he gives me some music to check out, I always find something that I do like. That discovery process is priceless and is one of the reasons I continue to work and WIDR and bring you The LAN party.

I'll be posting the podcasts to both shows, so be on the lookout for that next week if you're interested. That means 4 hours of Fidel! Can you take it?

Have a swell weekend,
Fidel Podcastro

Friday, February 12, 2010

What a shock!

The shock I suppose is that, Arboretum Apartments actually stopped using T&J to screw their own renters, here is the actual memo.

I wonder how many people have to come forward before some government agency steps in and as is their job trample the uprising by any means necessary, put the leaders in jail and sign binding contracts with T&J Towing for exclusive contracts.

I can't wait, in the land of the free, only corporations have rights.

For all you naysayers, do me a favor and search google for T&J Towing and the sites that aren't just listing their address, but places like Yahoo who have reviews, read some, and look at the dates, this stuff goes back a ways.

Raul "The Ghoul" Podcastro

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We here at the LAN party usually don't engage in issues like these, but this one is personal. Finally after who knows how many years T&J Towing is getting some light shined up it's asshole and I can't help but emphasize that it's about fucking time. They are by far the most malicious and cowardly company in Kalamazoo, Fidel was personally towed by these fucks but I'm sure he can add more to this himself. The point really is that everyone I know has at one time been fucked by this company, we can pretend all we want that every single person is incompetent and park so horridly and illegally that what T&J does is somehow justified, well you go ahead and run those odds over in your head. However if you yourself have a story about these fucks, then join the facebook group, and pay attention to the news, apparently the head fuck Joe Bird will be on the news today at 11. So everyone take a good look at this shitfaced cock holster that has been ripping off everyone in this town for years.

Join the facebook group if you can relate, if not then you obviously don't live in Kazoo.

Raul "Pistoff" Podcastro

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The last two ya go!

Here ya go, nerds and nerdettes; more LAN Party podcasts that will motivate children to leave the house and get some sunlight! was being a bitch last week and would not let us upload the podcast. I was successful this week in uploading. So here are the last two shows, airdate 1-27-10 and 2-3-10. Enjoy! Or not!





Fidel Podcastro

Why the Phanton Menace Sucks!

Watch it before George Lucas sues and makes it harder to find.

If there was a clean version we would play it on the show, sigh, thanks again FuckingCC!

Raul(The Cowl)