Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Blunderland

The snow season is upon us. Ice flakes rain down from the sky to wreak havoc with commuters and vertigo-stricken citizens. The only way to stay safe is to carry your portable hair dryer and blast the ice out of the sky! (this will probably end up being a fruitless battle).

This was a good show. I apologize to those of you who listen frequently. Several of the opening songs were...good. I was exacting some revenge for a terrible request last week. Lots of G.A.P.E.S. and some technical/prog metal thrown in for good measure.

Avoid them pesky ice lakes and keep your feet on the ground this week. Stay warm and cozy when you can. The LAN Party folks will be donning our gay apparel in recognition of the holiday season. Oh Joy!

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Stay geeky, Kalamazoo,
Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prepare for evacuation!

Turkey Day is quickly approaching. Do you have the willpower to avoid a second helping of granny's yams? If you need a break from the football-and-meat festival, you can always force your family to suffer through another edition of The LAN Party! Impress your disdainful hipster cousin with your vast knowledge of indie radio!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaking news and breaking headaches.

Lots of news this week! If you read the facebook page, you may have noticed that I made the announcement that Henry Rollins will be coming to Kalamazoo to do a spoken-word engagement at the State Theatre. This was made possible by my bosses at WIDR. I am superfuckingexcited for this. I was lucky enough to see Rollins many years ago at the same venue and he is one of my personal idols. The details of the event can be found HERE.

A few new CDs in the rotation rack will be featured on the who in the coming weeks. Particularly of interest is the David Lynch CD. I'm looking forward to whatever freaky shit is on there. Some potential in some of the electronic releases as well. I will give them some further listening and decide.

I bought some parts for my bike and was able to visit it today for a brief moment. The bike is stored at my friend's new garage, Checkered Past Cycles. Located in the bustling metropolis of Galesburg, Michigan, the shop is sure to be a hangout for biker hooligans and felonious behavior. I'll fit right in. The FZ1 has some friends to hang out with over the winter:

I am feeling a bit under the weather today and that fact is probably revealed in the show. I felt that the song timing was a bit "off" compared to my more successful attempts at radio broadcasting. Oh well. The point of posting these shows is for both posterity and future mocking.

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Stay warm and keep it geeky.
- Jackie Treehorn.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall is almost gone

We arrive at the time of year when the pretty fall colors disappear and the presence of dingy brown slush-snow is fast approaching.

I put my motorcycle away. Its been rainy and dark. I don't often feel gloomy but this week may throw me into that seasonal depression spirit.

I made sure to pack a bunch of new music into this week's set. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to the callers for the requests. I appreciate knowing that someone is listening.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pocket pool in the courtyard

And just like that, November pounces! Hard to believe the end of the year is drawing ever closer.

I have homework so I'll keep this brief. Many thanks for the call-ins and requests tonight. I kinda felt like the rotation selections were a bit rubbish this week. Also, someone stole the new Beats Antique album so that was a bummer. I was going to play a track. It shall be queued up for next week!

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Until next week, keep it geeky.
- Jackie Treehorn