Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The hits just keep on missing.

What a week! DJ White Wizard and I traveled to Grand Rapids to see They Might Be Giants at The Intersection. Jonathan Coulton opened the show and his set, while very good, was decidedly short. Kinda disappointing. They Might Be Giants was excellent. There was a puppet show, lots of humble-nerd-rock-star self-deprecation, and two encores! The trip was fraught with peril; we battled traffic jams and two instances of a dead car battery. Fear not however, for we were able to make it to Kalamazoo unharmed and victorious. We conquered that dead battery so hard it came back to life!

Speaking of The Intersection, I will be attending several upcoming shows. Helmet is playing on the 5th of October and Devin Townsend will be there on the 9th. DJ White Wizard will be joining me for the Devin Townsend concert. Exciting musical times after a musical drought all year.

I would have to concede that tonight's show was not as nerdified as shows in the past if you wanted to highlight the lack of chiptunes and GAPES. I apologize but I think this particular electronic and post-rock centric show was still nerdy in it's own right.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3 HERE

Get the tracklist from the Archive.org page HERE

Thanks for tuning in this week. Until next time, Keep It Geeky!

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