Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jon Lajoie straight talk.

If you work 3rd shift, or the tape deck is broken, or the dial to change the station is encrusted and stuck on 89.1FM WIDR, or perhaps if you listen willingly to our show, then you may have noticed we tend to latch on to popular media events and exploit them through mashups, remixes and weird covers. This was no less true when Michael Jackson died, and we played tons of random Michael Jackson related media to celebrate the mans life and music, we however didn't really give a shit. However I don't think we ever truly expressed why we cared so little, but folks smarter than us and far more eloquent stepped up and expressed it for us, and so without further ah doo doo, Jon Lajoie making a good point.

Jon has a great album out on iTunes called You Wan't Some of This? You can also enjoy more of his music and skits on YouTube or

DJ Donatello

Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Killer Cuts

So while I was playing Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2 and 3 some people were playing a game called Killer Instinct. While talking on a forum about fighting games it came up and I had to look it up, after watching a few videos which featured some of the 20 hit ultra combos, I realized that I had made the right decision. However the video I watched had a song under it, and after a bit of digging found out that along with the game you originaly got a soundtrack CD called Killer Cuts. Then after some more digging I found a download online, this turned out to be a dud, or rather someones sick joke, as the tracks were in WMA format, it was promptly deleted with a sneer. Then after some more digging I came across Radio KRUD. A post from 2005 had just what I was looking for, all 16 tracks with individual direct links. So without further foreplay here is the link, the post is interesting, but the climax is at the bottom of the page, scroll with care.
Killer Cuts All music by Robin Beanland & Greame Norgate, Mr. Norgate being no stranger to The LAN Party. I am still on the look out for the follow up titled Gold Cuts, if you have leads, post em here.

DJ Donatello

Friday, July 24, 2009

Peanut Nor!

And now for something completely different!

Thank You Dr.Steve Brule, for yet another enlightening example of why you can't trust the Romans or cheese.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Iron Monkees

Thanks to modern technology and the vastness of the internet, many people have started combining songs in all kind of clever ways. These mashups bring lots of joy to us, and we love to pass it on to our listeners, and we don't mind giving a preview of things to come.

And so with that in mind here is an excellent mashup of Iron Maiden and The Monkees by the very talented DJ Schmolli - The Trooper Believer.

You can find more mashups of his at, AudioPorn Central and I also suggest exploring these sites further as there is tons of free music floating around, just waiting to be grabbed and sucked through your ears.

Free music

Creative Commons agreements are wonderful; there is literally no end to the amount of legitimately free music to explore.

With that in mind, I've found some excellent sites I've been browsing for material, for both the show and my own musical meanderings.

Netlabel Index

Da ! Heard It Records

Listen for some music from D!HI Records next week on the show!

- DJ Starscream

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Hicks

I discovered Bill Hicks well after he had passed away in 1994, and so I never got to see him live, however his stand up somehow still to this day does not seem dated, and perhaps more relevant than ever. I only post this because I have seen and heard as much Bill Hicks as anyone mortal could, but I had never seen his last appearance on the Late Show. At the time Letterman bowed to his corporate masters who were quite strongly pro life and didn't think too highly of Bill. Unfortunately Letterman took the asshole way and cut out the stand up of Bill from the show, this was Bill's last appearance and at the time he was already quite sick. Bill later commented on this act of censorship, and was baffled, because if you know his stand up, he had already cut it down to the least offensive thing possible, and he had run it past Letterman so nothing he said was a surprise. It's embarrassing that it took Letterman 15 years to air it. Censorship is offensive and it deprives everyone, but I'm glad I can finally see it and I miss him that much more.

To this day I think about what Bill would have to say about the shit that is going on now, and it's easy to imagine, because nothing has changed, the names the faces, but we still live in an evangelical nightmare, full of censorship and rampant marketing.

Also as an added bonus Bill recorded a music album under the name Marble Head Johnson and below are links to 3 of the songs, don't be surprised if they make it on the show next week.

The Wizards Have Landed
Chicks Dig Jerks
Lay of the Land

I can't find the entire CD for sale anywhere anymore, but Bill's excellent standup albums and DVD's are available at Sacred Cow Productions, run by his close friend Kevin Booth.

DJ Donatello

Friday, July 17, 2009

Brendon Small makes us happy

Brendon small (creator of the shows Home Movies and Metalocalypse) offers free music from both shows on his website. Check it out!
Don't put marbles in your nose!
Mr. Small is also a source of endless amusement. If you ever get the hankering I would suggest you check out his interests on his myspace page.

DJ Donatello was responsible for first exposing me to Home Movies several years ago and for that I owe him an unpayable debt. We are both devoted fans of Brendon and his shows, and I also foster an unhealthy interest in H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Coach McGuirk.

- DJ Starscream

Monday, July 13, 2009

More (nearly) free stickers...

Daly City Records offers free stickers if you send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. So for the price of two stamps you can get a generous handful of awesome Mochipet and Daly City stickers, sure to make all the breakcore girls in the area absolutely swoon!

We've taken advantage of the deal already, and it totally is worth the cost of two stamps!

Click on the free stickers tab!

- DJ Starscream

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free Stickers

Ok so we at the LAN Party are not confused about Obama's energy policy or his completely ridonculous idea about using coal in a clean way, however free stickers are free stickers. We here at the LAN Party which is not a political party, YET, are very interested in free, and in case you can't think of any uses for free stickers then let us help you out.

Free stickers can be used as binding material for books or backpacks or to cover up rust spots on your 88 Buick. Stickers have magical properties which help your wounds heal, so if you trip and fall and bruise your knee, worry not! A free sticker is all you need, slap it on and the pain is gone. Can't keep those unruly bangs out of your face, don't waste your time with product, when a sticker will do just as well. A home invasion gone awry, forgot your ductape, well you never have to hear that relentless wail of hostages again when you've got free stickers in your pocket. Blackheads are easily cured with a free sticker from So don't wait get one today free shipping and all, no donation necessary.

We promise to keep you up to date on Free Stickers we discover, if you have any leads please let us know, free is awesome.

P.S. Think clean coal is possible because President Full Sentences says so? Well watch Burning The Future, a documentary that shows you what clean coal really looks like.

DJ Donatello

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Rob an Armored Car

Obviously we have all thought about it, the economic climate being what it is. So it's not really surprising that someone with more ambition than the general slacker might write about it, perhaps even a whole book. Well thankfully for all of us Iain Levison the author of A Working Stiff's Manifesto, Since the Layoffs and Dog Eats Dog has stepped up and delivered what we were all thinking anyway. We at the Lan Party are big fans of Iain Levison, I even got a chance to interview him twice while doing another show on WIDR called The People's Power Hour. Iain writes like we feel, were not dumb but we are treated that way, and as the working class that is always struggling for money, through bureaucracy and corporate neglect for human welfare, he writes about things most of the world can relate to. Thankfully he does so with a sense of humor that is subtle, quick and most importantly honest, it is after all the only way to survive without loosing your mind.

So for all you working stiffs, here is a 20 page preview of How to Rob an Armored Car

Here is the amazon link where you can pre-order the book, which should arrive Oct 1st.

And here is the blurb from Soho Press about the book.

In a dying Pennsylvania coal town, three friends are looking for a way out. Mitch is a rebellious malcontent whose bad attitude gets him fired from a chain big box store. Doug can identify any pill by sight and any ‘80s rock song by the first three notes but doesn’t understand credit scores. Kevin got married and had a kid too soon and is now on parole after serving jail time for growing marijuana. The three of them dabble in petty crime and believe they have a talent for it. They start by stealing a high-definition TV, then set their sights on bigger scores. Soon things begin to get out of hand.

Keep your fingers crossed, I'm going to try to get a hold of Iain and see if he wants to do an interview for the blog, stay tuned.

DJ Donatello

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fight for the Tuna!

WIDR's Barking Tuna Fest is coming up this fall, and the spot for the opening band is available! If you feel like trying out, all information is available in this nifty little flyer. In addition to all that information it happens to be completely 8-bitted (The LAN party are suckers for the pixels). Awesome!

- DJ Starscream

Way to be topical!

In the spirit of being topical, we stumbled across a remix of Michael Jackson's Thriller done by Mochipet last night. While not only being awesome, it also happens to be completely and legitimately free. Enjoy!

Listen for it next week on the LAN Party!

- DJ Starscream

Invasion of the nerdy-snatchers!

We had no clue how popular the internet was but now that we have discovered it, we think we will get along quite swimmingly.

We are DJ Starscream and DJ Donatello, we are the hosts of a very popular radio show called The LAN Party, a specialty show on WIDR 89.1 FM. WIDR is a student-run college radio station located on-campus at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. WIDR also operates a webstream so listeners all over the world can have the opportunity to experience Radio Evolution.
The LAN Party show plays every Tuesday night/Wednesday mornings from midnight to 2 a.m. Our playlists focus on the auditory aspects of movies, video games, and TV shows along with everything that could be considered nerdy and/or geeky. We also feature many laptop musicians and artists signed to internet record labels that are not normally highlighted over radio waves.
Our goal with this blog (aside from shameless self promotion) is to highlight that which we find in our internet meandering that is relevant to the show and using this new-fangled internet networking in the hopes of expanding our audience. So, with that in mind your two humble DJs would be as flattered as Princess Peach if you listened in (either through radio or the WIDR webstream) and offered feedback!