Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Less horror, more horrible.

Right off the heels of last weeks horror-themed show, here is this weeks horrible show! Errr, horribly great, that is! In honor of House reaching a conclusion, Hugh Laurie was our G.A.P.E.S. selection of the night. Stream the shiz: Download the shiz: HERE Browse the shiz: HERE Who knows what will happen next week. Tune in for whatever the hell it is! - Jackie

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The horror show was a success! Congrats to listener Ryan for winning the T-shirt! Stream this horrifying show: Download this frightening MP3: HERE Browse a ghastly web page: HERE Next week will be a return to the usual LAN Party wackiness. Until then, keep it geeky! - Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No signs of life, captain!

As I approached the studio tonight the campus looked pretty dead. None of the lights inside the surrounding buildings were lit. Only streetlights were illuminated. Danger appeared to be lurking in the shadows. It was just another reminder that this campus is no longer "mine." So, on a higher note, I will be doing another t-shirt giveaway next week! Greg Kerr, the owner of Miles To Go Clothing has graciously sent me another shirt so I may bestow a lucky winner with sartorial blessings. The shirt in question is "Masque of Red Death" in size XL. It'd probably be smart to be approximately that size, unless you want to win a prize of questionable utility. There has been some interest on our facebook page, so be ready next week, lest this fashionable item of clothing falls into some other person's grimy hands. Click HERE for a picture of the shirt so you can ogle it. Once again, tune in next week for a chance to win this kickass shirt. Onwards to the showzen! Stream it here: Download the MP3: HERE Check out the tracklisting: HERE I wish you all good luck next week!, Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dead @ WIDR

Hey listeners, I feel like I'm dying so I will keep this short. I haz a sickness of some sort. Heres the show. Stream it like flowing urine that smells of vitamin-c and asparagus. Download that shizz: HERE Check out the webpage for tracklisting: HERE Over and out. Off to go die. - Jackie Treehorn