Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peter Steele Tribute Week

Its that time of year when the leaves turn colors and pumpkins are cruelly mutilated. Wine is consumed and masks are donned. Must be Peter Steele Tribute Week! This week's show focused on songs that pay homage to Peter Steele. Something called Halloween apparently shares the same time of year and it appears to be hogging most of the attention. Well, screw you, Halloween! This week is about Peter Steele and I'll never forget!

In honor of the tribute, I played a super-rare, unreleased version of Type 0 Negative's song "World Coming Down". I promise that you will not find this anywhere else. Huge thanks to the FCC and EAS for the collaboration.

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Have a safe Halloween for Pete's sake!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School makes me busy.

After last week's reggae fusion show I had a surplus of good songs to jam so I let the music do the talkin' this time. I'm pretty busy with school studyin' so this will be short and sweet.

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Until next week,
Jackie Treehorn

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reggae LAN Party Revolution Mashup.

Whew! 4 hours in the studio is a long damn time!

Selector Jonathan is over in France taking lots of pics so I covered his show this week. I decided to challenge myself and combine the shows into one big mashup of material. I actually have wayyyy more than 4 hours of suitable music, which is scary because I don't consider myself to be that big of a reggae fan. The reggae stuff I hear in the studio in the minutes before I take over the mixing board must be rubbing off on me. Huh. DAMN YOU FOR EXPANDING MY MUSICAL TASTES, WIDR! DAMN YOU!!

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Join me for a return to the regular LAN Party format.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The difference in a week.

Following lacks week demonstration of what happens when I prepare nothing, this week's show featured a lot of really great music because I took some time to make a playlist. Seriously. I actually had so much material that I still have more great stuff in the queue for next week. And thats gawdamm amazing; I usually blow my load of good stuff within about the first hour. The Pinn Panelle track near the beginning and the BADBADNOTGOOD song at the end of the show are both covers. I'll let you figure out who they're covering for.

If you didn't like the Devin block of songs, accept my apologies. I'm very excited about accompanying DJ White Wizard to the Devin Townsend show in Grand Rapids. I predict much fun to be had. We shall rock and/or roll.

If you haven't already done so, please consider checking out this year's Barking Tuna Fest. It is one of the station's primary fundraisers in addition to bringing some crazy cool music to Kalamazoo.

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Until next week, keep it geeky.