Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bring no pain.

This was another one of those shows where I perhaps didn't bring much pain to the table. I have two papers due on Monday and they're disrupting my life. The playlist suffered for it, and I apologize. If you like metal, though, maybe it didn't suffer at all. You decide for yourself!

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Until next week, keep it geeky.
- Jackie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The hits just keep on missing.

What a week! DJ White Wizard and I traveled to Grand Rapids to see They Might Be Giants at The Intersection. Jonathan Coulton opened the show and his set, while very good, was decidedly short. Kinda disappointing. They Might Be Giants was excellent. There was a puppet show, lots of humble-nerd-rock-star self-deprecation, and two encores! The trip was fraught with peril; we battled traffic jams and two instances of a dead car battery. Fear not however, for we were able to make it to Kalamazoo unharmed and victorious. We conquered that dead battery so hard it came back to life!

Speaking of The Intersection, I will be attending several upcoming shows. Helmet is playing on the 5th of October and Devin Townsend will be there on the 9th. DJ White Wizard will be joining me for the Devin Townsend concert. Exciting musical times after a musical drought all year.

I would have to concede that tonight's show was not as nerdified as shows in the past if you wanted to highlight the lack of chiptunes and GAPES. I apologize but I think this particular electronic and post-rock centric show was still nerdy in it's own right.

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Thanks for tuning in this week. Until next time, Keep It Geeky!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Clear the cache.

School has been in session for one week. My classes are promising so far. I've not yet received any parking tickets. The weather has presented more opportunity for hoodies than anticipated. As you can note, things are pretty swell.

I've been able to take the bike to class all week. This is bittersweet; the time to put it away for the winter will be sooner than later.

In addition to DJ Gun Rack's emailed contributions, this was a bit of a clearing-the-cache show. I've accumulated a bunch of unplayed songs leftover from shows in the recent past. I took the opportunity to ERADICATE THEM!

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Stay tuned next week for more wacky LAN Party 3.0 action!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to school to prove to Vlad you're not a fool.

A whole bunch of people started occupying a popular area of Kalamazoo this week. They have to pay for parking and may get first-hand experience with alcohol abuse in the very near future. If you guessed the WMU campus, you're right. Pat yourself on the back with the hand not holding your backpack full of overpriced textbooks.

This is your humble DJ's senior year. Hard to believe it only took me 10 years to get a 4 year degree (...and they say miracles don't happen!) Since this could potentially be my last fall semester EVER, I'm pledging to bring you some top quality LAN Party this year.

This particular show was pretty strong if I do say so myself. The seminal Roommate From Hell track by the two MC's, Lars & Chris, started us off, Hugh Laurie was our GAPES for the evening, and Mr. Rogers finished it up from the rear. Ahem. Enjoy the back-to-school episode!

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Get the tracklisting from the archive.org page HERE