Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Hicks

I discovered Bill Hicks well after he had passed away in 1994, and so I never got to see him live, however his stand up somehow still to this day does not seem dated, and perhaps more relevant than ever. I only post this because I have seen and heard as much Bill Hicks as anyone mortal could, but I had never seen his last appearance on the Late Show. At the time Letterman bowed to his corporate masters who were quite strongly pro life and didn't think too highly of Bill. Unfortunately Letterman took the asshole way and cut out the stand up of Bill from the show, this was Bill's last appearance and at the time he was already quite sick. Bill later commented on this act of censorship, and was baffled, because if you know his stand up, he had already cut it down to the least offensive thing possible, and he had run it past Letterman so nothing he said was a surprise. It's embarrassing that it took Letterman 15 years to air it. Censorship is offensive and it deprives everyone, but I'm glad I can finally see it and I miss him that much more.

To this day I think about what Bill would have to say about the shit that is going on now, and it's easy to imagine, because nothing has changed, the names the faces, but we still live in an evangelical nightmare, full of censorship and rampant marketing.

Also as an added bonus Bill recorded a music album under the name Marble Head Johnson and below are links to 3 of the songs, don't be surprised if they make it on the show next week.

The Wizards Have Landed
Chicks Dig Jerks
Lay of the Land

I can't find the entire CD for sale anywhere anymore, but Bill's excellent standup albums and DVD's are available at Sacred Cow Productions, run by his close friend Kevin Booth.

DJ Donatello

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