Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Rob an Armored Car

Obviously we have all thought about it, the economic climate being what it is. So it's not really surprising that someone with more ambition than the general slacker might write about it, perhaps even a whole book. Well thankfully for all of us Iain Levison the author of A Working Stiff's Manifesto, Since the Layoffs and Dog Eats Dog has stepped up and delivered what we were all thinking anyway. We at the Lan Party are big fans of Iain Levison, I even got a chance to interview him twice while doing another show on WIDR called The People's Power Hour. Iain writes like we feel, were not dumb but we are treated that way, and as the working class that is always struggling for money, through bureaucracy and corporate neglect for human welfare, he writes about things most of the world can relate to. Thankfully he does so with a sense of humor that is subtle, quick and most importantly honest, it is after all the only way to survive without loosing your mind.

So for all you working stiffs, here is a 20 page preview of How to Rob an Armored Car

Here is the amazon link where you can pre-order the book, which should arrive Oct 1st.

And here is the blurb from Soho Press about the book.

In a dying Pennsylvania coal town, three friends are looking for a way out. Mitch is a rebellious malcontent whose bad attitude gets him fired from a chain big box store. Doug can identify any pill by sight and any ‘80s rock song by the first three notes but doesn’t understand credit scores. Kevin got married and had a kid too soon and is now on parole after serving jail time for growing marijuana. The three of them dabble in petty crime and believe they have a talent for it. They start by stealing a high-definition TV, then set their sights on bigger scores. Soon things begin to get out of hand.

Keep your fingers crossed, I'm going to try to get a hold of Iain and see if he wants to do an interview for the blog, stay tuned.

DJ Donatello

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