Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free Stickers

Ok so we at the LAN Party are not confused about Obama's energy policy or his completely ridonculous idea about using coal in a clean way, however free stickers are free stickers. We here at the LAN Party which is not a political party, YET, are very interested in free, and in case you can't think of any uses for free stickers then let us help you out.

Free stickers can be used as binding material for books or backpacks or to cover up rust spots on your 88 Buick. Stickers have magical properties which help your wounds heal, so if you trip and fall and bruise your knee, worry not! A free sticker is all you need, slap it on and the pain is gone. Can't keep those unruly bangs out of your face, don't waste your time with product, when a sticker will do just as well. A home invasion gone awry, forgot your ductape, well you never have to hear that relentless wail of hostages again when you've got free stickers in your pocket. Blackheads are easily cured with a free sticker from So don't wait get one today free shipping and all, no donation necessary.

We promise to keep you up to date on Free Stickers we discover, if you have any leads please let us know, free is awesome.

P.S. Think clean coal is possible because President Full Sentences says so? Well watch Burning The Future, a documentary that shows you what clean coal really looks like.

DJ Donatello

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  1. well written on free stickers . . stickers are the things which have many meaning inside the pictures creating on it & exhibits different behavior . . Waste Stickers