Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jon Lajoie straight talk.

If you work 3rd shift, or the tape deck is broken, or the dial to change the station is encrusted and stuck on 89.1FM WIDR, or perhaps if you listen willingly to our show, then you may have noticed we tend to latch on to popular media events and exploit them through mashups, remixes and weird covers. This was no less true when Michael Jackson died, and we played tons of random Michael Jackson related media to celebrate the mans life and music, we however didn't really give a shit. However I don't think we ever truly expressed why we cared so little, but folks smarter than us and far more eloquent stepped up and expressed it for us, and so without further ah doo doo, Jon Lajoie making a good point.

Jon has a great album out on iTunes called You Wan't Some of This? You can also enjoy more of his music and skits on YouTube or

DJ Donatello




  2. James Gunn tweeted this. I know how much you guys love autotune.