Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things we can endorse and things we can't.

First Fuck Glee!
I'm glad shitty covers of shitty songs have created the illusion that this shitty show is somehow competing with anything the Beatles did.

So for all your Glee fans, so many more things to come, a series of books based on this shit show, they were asked to sing at the white house oh and why not, 7 or 8 soundtrack CD's most of which are out already, and you know what The LAN Party won't play any of it, Sorry Fox, you could of kept Mole Tweaker in a good show but you canceled it.


In contrast ICP turns out to be Evangelical Christians.
I won't pretend that I'm surprised, when I saw the Miracle video one of my first thoughts was, how is this any different from Christian Rap. This is one of those lack luster victories, as I don't give a shit either way, it's far too late. Juggalos already are having kids and are spreading the word of their lord god apparently. I truly wonder how they feel about it, I would feel betrayed, but that's me and I feel betrayed when someone get's my order wrong at a restaurant. Which by the way does not happen very often because I enunciate.

Here is a very succinct review of the "Miracles"

I would like to at this point say that if Science does somehow ruin the magick then how does knowing god did it all keep the veil?

I suppose if I was a juggalo I would use this opportunity to talk about how positive a message it has been all along and that it now has given me the tools to be inclusive and not worry about what religion someone is or why they might be trying to convert me.

Violent J turns to him and says, softly, "If we moved furniture for a living we'd have a bad back or bad knees. We think for a living. We try to create. We try to constantly think of cool ideas. And every once in a while there's a breakdown in the engine… I guess that's the price you pay."

Shaggy nods quietly. "I get anxiety and shit a lot," he says. "And reading that stuff people write about us… It hurts."

It's something special when by the end of the article I started to feel for them, I suppose I'm getting soft in my old age or perhaps it speaks to the writing of Jon Ronson.


Now something we fully endorse
If you don't know what this is do your self a favor and click on Plinkett Reviews, they are all epic and very good, but the Star Wars reviews are by far the most extensive and engrossing. Instead of watching the prequels watch his reviews of them and you will never feel the need again, because he spells out with humor exactly why so many of us hated those movies even if we could not put it into words.



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  1. I just finished watching all of Plinkett's Reviews and have to say I have a new hero. I have been telling people why the Star Wars prequels were failures for a lifetime now and it is so great to see that someone put as much thought into why as I did. That truly is some of the most intelligent understanding of what makes movie's fun and entertaining and I just have to say that is an amazing find! Thank you!