Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can you handle The Truth?

Tonight's show was all about The Truth.

Yes, The Truth's final show followed our show tonight. We look forward to the next person who will fill the 2-4am Wednesday morning slot. If you want to hear The Truth installments from the past, click here.
Those astute listeners will catch on to the pattern in tonight's show. Truth is bandied about like a Muskegon whore.

Download the MP3

We enjoy these challenges; look for more "theme LAN Parties" in the future. It will help weed out those heckling requests. If you have any suggestions for themes, let us know. Theres a comment button down there somewhere.

Your humble DJ's,
Harvey Mushman and DJ Gun Rack

1 comment:

  1. Great show guys. I was surprised at how much quality content you could get from the theme of truth! Bravo! It is sad to see "The Truth" leave the radio, I enjoyed it immensely, although it did take some time for me to warm up to it. I wish I could have listened live, but your site's streaming was broken, so not requests from me...boohooo! Anywho..keep up the good work guys!