Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fresh podcast for our listeners. And a haiku.

Mushman phones it in
DJ Gun Rack brings the pain
Without Truth, what's false?

It feels lonely without the cast of The Truth to keep us company while we're busy podcrafting but we'll eventually regrow our hard, calloused perspective that frightens strangers and creates a hostile environment.
We're continually finding more CDs in rotation that we enjoy and feel the need to share with you. This influx of music is quite welcome, as the studio pickin's were rather slim in years past. A solid block of Mushman's portion of the show was all music in rotation. Exciting.

We heard through the grapevine that the webstream is still down. We apologize for our interweb listeners. If we knew how to fix it, we would. Instead, we'll just yell at all of the Apple computers in the studio as if they're the problem (Well, they are a source of problems. Just not this time.)

Download the mp3

Conditionally yours,
Harvey Mushman & DJ Gun Rack

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