Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anniversary Podcast!

Hard to believe, but this show marks the 1-year anniversary of our podcasts. We'd like to say we've grown. We've certainly (only recently) perfected the podcrafting session. LAN Party history gets a bit fuzzy over the years but this is quite a milestone for us. Stay alert and hyper-vigilant for the podcast's terrible-two period.
Honestly, halloween is just another day of the year where we're tempted to accelerate tooth decay with awful, calorie packed candy-beans. It happened to be the first week we decided to hit the “record” button and save the show for generations to come.

Without further ado, heres the show:

Download the MP3!

In the interest of the show's continued growth and evolution I have a question for you faithful listeners; Should the LAN Party create a facebook page? I flip-flop on the issue but if the fans want it, we can make it happen. Let us know. We love comments!

1 comment:

  1. Great show guys and again I am so forlorn about being unable to hear this great show. To answer your question YES! YES YES! Have a facebook group. I would join it and share with you all a treasure trove of video-goodness that most definitely is not allowed on the air of a radio! I am not a huge facebook person, BUT with the tools they have, I would definitely use for the power of awesome!