Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We shall blazon the city!

After much wringing of hands and time spent by the mailbox, the GAPES stickers have finally arrived. We literally have stacks and stacks of these things so if you're interested in getting some of this goodness just let us know.

GAPES, an acronym for Great Acting Persons Entertaining Sonically, was coined by MC Hut during his reign over the show. The GAPES segment of the show is when we play music from public figures not immediately known for their musical contributions. We have continued the tradition by bringing you all of these tunes for your consideration weekly. Last night's GAPES segment featured none other than Klaus Kinski, the heralded actor. His German spoken-word-over-music was, to our ears, brilliant. Listen to the show to hear that song, if for no other reason.

The stickers appear to be very durable and of high quality, suggesting that sticking them on an automobile or similar environmental circumstance is feasible without the sticker degrading quickly. The arrival of these stickers is going to force your humble DJ to wash his vehicle a little sooner than it's annual spraydown schedule calls for. Oh well. These will hold the rusty pieces together nicely.

- DJ Munitions Bunker

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  1. Oh sweet heaven on Earth do you guys have any more of those stickers cause I most definitely want one!


    This message may or may not have been written with an erection!