Saturday, August 7, 2010

The War On Those Who Know Where the Drugs Are Continues

So just that were clear here, me posting the link below to the story actually violates the law because the content on the page is copyrighted and so me posting this link here is very much illegal.

Unfortunately my reason for posting this material here is for both humor and critique, which are both valid forms of free speech, under the constitution. I mean if we're still using that old rag.

So with that in mind here is the story with little additions by me in red.

New York, NY, United States (AHN) - U.S. authorities have shut down several websites for allegedly hosting pirated copies of Hollywood movies and TV shows. News of the seizures came just a week after the Obama administration announced an enforcement plan for dealing with theft of intellectual property. (Obama is in the pocket of the MPAA/RIAA, but then it's not really surprising since this is the same guy that as one of his first acts chose to extend the patriot act, which is an act that uses the fear of gnomes who may attack our homes as a means to conduct illegal search and seizure, to help warrant these fears, what a tidy cycle)

A Manhattan federal court issued warrants on behalf of the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York that demanded the closure of seven sites:,,,,, and I don't know most of these sites, but I do know was literally a specialized search engine that searched direct download sites for keywords you entered, I suppose google will be the next to get seized by the customs? Oh wait they are all in bed together trying to slow down internet for us ORDINARY WORKING PEOPLE, while speeding it up for us CORPORATE ASSHOLES.

Wan't to see these cross agency clusterfucks defending large corporations from the very much democratic critique of the entertainment industry?

The websites are listed to computers located domestically in Colorado, Florida, Illinois and internationally in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Oh so that's why customs were involved in electronic transactions, because we now control the whole world, I see.

U.S. Attorney Preet Corporate Shill Bharara said in a statement, "Criminal copyright infringement occurs on a massive scale over the Internet, and reportedly not factually results in billions of dollars in losses to the U.S. economy. Very good play up the economy dollar because we have such a shitty one at the moment due in no way to piracy but due completely to corporate greed That translates into lost jobs and real hardships for ordinary working people. I could see how ordinary working people who work over 50 hours a week or don't have a job at all might not want to spend 20 dollars on a shitty movie. That's why we took today's action. If your business model is movie piracy, your story will not have a happy ending." Isn't it weird that he sounds almost like the good guy instead of just a corporate shill with some really bad data? Here is the data that does not make it in to their calculations that come directly from the MPAA and RIAA which are no doubt independent in their opinion with no bias at all, anyhoo so billions lost on sales, if they assume that if people couldn't see these shitty things for free that they would just buy them based on summaries provided by the same industry that makes them. For example if I were to download a Metallica album which I would never do, but let's pretend that I felt that I wanted to give them another shot, so the RIAA would calculate that as a loss of a CD sale, unfortunately I listen to this album and find out that it is bile. OH NO, what now, oh wait it's not a problem, I delete the horrific bile off my computer and take a deep breath of relief. The important bit is that I wouldn't have bought the CD without a good listen first. We no longer live in the times of hey here's the single hey trust us the rest of the CD is just as good, and really it wouldn't be a problem if you could return opened movies and CD's to the store by simply saying, well it's a piece of shit and don't want to listen to it anymore. However that's not the business plan is it, the plan is to pretend that shitty movies with no replay value need to be made with massive budgets for hot actors and no writers and then we all like sheep have to go out and before we can word of mouth each other how bad it is, shit they already got our money and got away. Well technology has advanced beyond that, and shutting down sites that if anything help promote projects that would never even a single sale is like shooting your self in the foot. Just because they throw lot's of money at something does not mean it's good or legal or anything else.

Visitors landing on the aforementioned web pages will now be redirected to a page that notifies them the sites have been seized by the government. However, after the seizures were announced four of the sites appeared to still be working properly. This may have something to do with them not having any authority on the internet, I'm really baffled by this land grab the U.S. Government is trying to pull, they are trying to destroy Net Neutrality with one hand to help corporations and with the other they are treating the ordinary folks who are out of a job because they no longer need all those grips on the CGI shitfests like Transfuckingformers.

Bharara believes Belief is fun, unfortunately it also has no proof seizing the websites will have a deterrent effect among people who would watch movies illegally. I'm glad the illegal movie watching hasn't had an effect on hollywood making better movies, so I highly doubt it will work in reverse, but hey it's cute watching the government trying to flex it's muscle and better yet watching a democrat president buying into the lies. Good job lobbies, those common folks you so give a shit about sure appreciate being called criminals, I just know they will change their ways and buy up all them shitty seasons of 24 now.

I think what bothers me more than anything is how arrogant the industry is, it assumes it's product is worth what they say it's worth, but it rarely is, very rarely. I can count how many movies I saw in theaters this year, and this isn't because I saw them online illegaly it's because I was trully excited by the plot and the actors and the director and I went sometimes out of my way to see these movies. I can count them on the fingers of one hand, because one of the movies I saw ended up feeling like a let down, because the trailer portrayed it as something it wasn't, now how many fucking times does that happen? Again it does not matter and isn't ever calculated because the key is to get people in the doors the first week and then completely forget about it and move on to the next shitty plothole.

Dr. Oxen

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