Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rushin' around

Hey all you Kalamazoo residents! Wanna check out an awesome band that has no resemblance to the current shite on top 40 radio?

Russian Circles
will be at The Strutt on thursday, Aug. 12th. Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm. The band was scheduled to play at The Strutt over the winter but were forced to cancel due to a pathetic excuse for a blizzard that made people scared of driving for no good reason. I may or may not still be upset about this.
Tickets are only 12 dollars if you buy them in person, 15 if you buy them online. Why the tickets cost more online is a mystery I will likely never solve without first getting really pissed off about the gall of most companies but I will admit that it's better than the nearly doubling of the ticket price that ticketmaster gouges out of it's customers (this doesnt make it acceptable, just better than ticketmaster).

Anyhoo, I shall be there with my ladyfriend and most likely a few other comrades. Yes, I do have a ladyfriend despite the myriad factors suggesting otherwise. My co-DJ may also attend if he has the time. I will try to convince him.

As always, the radio show will air on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. This week will be installment #2 of our new format. I've finally been putting my new fancy computer to good use and made a few liners and promos for the show. Keep an ear out for these little gems interspersed with the music.

- DJ Water Buffalo (formerly Fidel michaelangelo starscream podcastro)

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