Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Sandy Vagina Show


A caller today threw vinegar at us, unfortunately this solidified our resolve that the update we recently installed was the right move. The show was getting slow, our cache was filling up with vats of dirty sponges. We decided to take the plunge, we inserted the dick sorry I mean disc into the slot and away we went. We are now faster and less Derivative and if you can't handle it then perhaps you should just throw out those Roger Waters Pink Floyd albums, or Perhaps Division Bell should be thrown out, because you're a purist and only Syd Barret will do. Well we enjoy all three periods of Pink Floyd so I feel like if you accept that this is Radio Evolution, not Radio Status Quo, then perhaps the current phase isn't for you, but it's better than staying the same for us.


DR.OXEN & DJ Passive Progressive

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