Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mango Party

Yes we love mahoes, wait no, mangoes, how do you pluralize a fucking mango?

Fuck grammar is hard, it does not help that it makes little to no sense, like math and science, the only thing that makes any sense are double neck guitars!!! FUCK YEAH!

Wait I'm an idiot.

Ok ignore my bullshit here is the show, and stick around till the end or just skip ahead to it cus there is a sneak prieview of the most awesome show WIDR has ever had yeah that's right THE TRUTH, now on iTunes.

If you listen to one podcast this week let it be Michael Feldmans WHAT DO YA KNOW? not much YOU? and feel free to then listen to Larry the Cable guy for some more funnies, giggleswords.

Unfortunately all of the shit above was written before I got errors, so the show wont go up tonight, it will be up on iTunes soon, and I will try again later tonight from a non western location to send it to the archives.

Raul & Fidle

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