Monday, June 21, 2010

Listen and if you dig it download it.


That's crazy, where do you enter your credit card number?



Ok so I'm trying to express in a crass way why is fucking awesome.

Just set it to play, if you dig a song, just press download, if you don't skip to the next song, and you are thinking no doubt but that means the music must be real shitty, sorry to disappoint you the music is up to par. Yes it's legal and free and it's a great way to discover music, so what are you doing wasting away here reading this when you could be listening to new music.

The music might not all hit home but you can search by artist, album, tags, there are radio stations and playlists. It's no frills logical approach to distributing free music, exposing folks to stuff they would never ever hear otherwise.

No I was not paid to push the site. I just happen to be a musician who would have no chance if not for websites like this and so I fully support the world truly being open and free. Also as a fanatic of music I love finding new music. You don't have to enter your email adress, unless you want them to send you stuff, and some of the artists have a place where you can donate to them, so if you dig the music a lot, you can directly support them, what could be more awesome?

Raul "Greasy" Podcastro

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