Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey thanks for all the awesome requests...

...honestly I don't think we've ever gotten so many requests in one night, and we were also able to fill most of them, which was surprising.

However some people missed the mark, we had a request for Chumbawumba and not one of the obscure Chumbuwumba songs they did that were anarchist inspired, no it was the only song that mTV overplayed because it was about DRUNKING WOOT!


If we didn't get to your requests, well you were in the minority.

Anyhoo bands we don't play are Eifel 65, Chumbawumba, Metallica, DIO...etc

WHY? well the reasons R many, but the basic ones are, we don't need to, 103.3 and WGRD well they can pull the weight on the overplayed music, we try to be more diverse, not that we always suceed but we try, the comercial radio stations don't try at all, they play the same songs everyday all day, year after year, it's all one hit wonders and divas and people who will be lucky to put out a second record before they resume their jobs at costco.

Fidle and RuPaul

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