Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fuck Octo-mom, we're all about the Octo-cast

Hey nerds and nerdettes; heres our 8th podcast, plus Fidel's coverage of the Reggae Revolution!

Reggae Revolution:


The LAN Party:


Suck on that!
Fidel and Raul Podcastro (NO RELATION)


  1. What a show guys. I loved it from beginning to end. Too bad I couldn't listen to it via web stream! I am going to make sure though to get the podcast via internet theft via hot cocoa purchase at local cafe to download! I have a request for your christmas episode via youtube that helps promote the healthy habit of SMOKING!!! VIA!!

  2. Haha thank you, Jon! Oddly enough I felt like this show was a bit of a clusterfuck. I am not feeling 100% due to some sniffles (maybe the schweinn phlu! oh noes!) and we had several callers making requests outside the format (outside of WIDR's format too, honestly), so I was being a grumpy pants towards the end.
    We appreciate your continued support! Good luck on the internet hiatus.