Monday, December 7, 2009

Enthusiasm as a replacement for knowledge....

I'm going to be covering the Reggae Revolution show for our good friend Selector Jonathan on Tuesday, Dec 15th from 10pm to midnight. This means that next week you'll get four hours of Fidel Podcastro (formerly DJ Starscream, final name to be decided).
I will do my darnedest to record both shows and get them up here so we can all have a laugh at my expense (since what I know about reggae is

Anyway, hope you listen in tommorow night/wednesday morning!

p.s. - Russian Circles is playing at The Strutt on Wednesday. This is jaw-dropping for several reasons; an amazing band comes to Kalamazoo VERY rarely, the venue is decent, and its only 12 dollars. Do yourself a favor and come check it out if'n you're able.

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