Saturday, September 26, 2009

Twitter contributes to the conversation?

Who could of guessed that when I made a LanPartyTwitter account it would ever be of any benefit to anyone, but today is that day. Today two of the people we follow posted things that are of great value and interest to me and to anyone else that is a fan of awesome, and of course if you listen to our show then you are no doubt a connoisseur of awesome. So without further jibb-jabber here is the shit to make your face explode...

First by way of MCLars who is a staple of The LANParty playlist, comes this gem. The Wesley Willis CD Repository I nor I suspect anyone else knew just how prolific Mr. Willis was in his lifetime. This is the end all archive of Wesley Willis work, including studio, and live albums, even some interview clips. We can all thank Jello Biafra for bringing Wesley to our attention, and now we can all enjoy him to an extent that only the magick of the internets can provide.

Second by way of our good friends at Applied Intellect and The Geek Group our local computer whizzes, comes this link to a great deal from to celebrate their 5 year anniversary, you can now purchase over 50 games for 5 bucks each. It's important now to mention that we're not talking about like tetris or mahjong or something of the like, we're talking Assassins Creed: Directors Cut, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Bioshock, Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, etc...

Also we haven't talked about it in depth but I don't see any reason to wait, this coming tuesday The LAN Party presents GAPES (great acting person entertaining sonically) a whole show dedicated to bile and sometimes triumph and memes that come from people stepping out of their comfort zone and putting themselves out there for rabid mockery.

DJ Donatello


  1. I can not wait. I am gonna get my GAPES requests lined up! Be ready for Pierce Brosnan Singing!

  2. This is better than a nip in the cunt. Thanks guys.