Saturday, September 19, 2009

Black Internet

I have no desire to spend lots of time advocating for the awesome that is the internet, I mean lots of us disagree on how the internet should be, many of us for example want the government to read our emails, to screen what we download or upload, monitor the sites we visit and prohibit us from visiting sites that the MPAA or RIAA feel are inappropriate. I know when I get on the internet my number one concern is which of the sites I visit on a daily basis will be blocked by the ISP today, due to lawsuits pending, and I know like all of us I am looking forward to the day when our cable providers put an extra fee on the bill that is listed as the Download Tax. I mean I think that's great, I personally can't think of anything more wise than to have extra fees, illegal taxes and most importantly censorship. I mean that's what the internet was built upon, monitoring, everyone needs to be watched controlled, all of our keystrokes logged, it's unpatriotic to think otherwise.

So with that in mind I suggest you visit and if you so choose to support these horrible people, well I won't be held responsible for the horror that is unleashed upon the world.

I know we live in a world where the Happy Birthday song is owned by somebody and so singing it in a public place is illegal unless you pay, and I personally think that's great, I also think it's great that any open source non profit freeware that is able to read MP3 files (which if you didn't know is also under a patent), should pay large amounts of money to IBM.

However if you are a Satan worshiping communist pirate from one of those Blue States of Liberal Libertarian ANARCHY then you no doubt support The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Shame on you if you do! Shame!

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