Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creative Commons tastes better.

Creative Commons is awesome, if you are interested in it, you can read about it here I highly encourage it.

We at the LAN Party enjoy Creative Commons very much and if you listen to the show, then you know that we try to feature as many artists as possible who give away their music for free. Creative Commons let's you do that, but it also gives you control over specific rights like weather or not you want your music which you give away taken and then used in a Flo Rida song and then watching as they make tons of money off it and don't in anyway have to pass on the same generosity.

So with that in mind we share another website that shares Free Creative Commons music. If you are an artist throw your stuff up there, embed the crap out of it, and get some free exposure. If you're a fan, go explore, we will no doubt find something fitting for the show, in fact we already have, listen for it next week.

DJ Donatello

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