Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Motion from the lotion

This was another one of those weeks where I stumbled into a good setlist by accident. Musta been the fact that it fell on the Leap Year, which is the most exalted day of all time. Or something. What the hell is leap year anyway (besides a reminder to vote)? Heres one answer.

Anyhoo, I got a call from a listener telling me to keep up the good work. I will take that as encouragement to keep on keepin' on. I acknowledge that the show has definitely changed over the years. Any fans of the predominantly videogame/soundtrack format have probably noticed a severe deficiency since I took over the board. No one has called to complain though. I'll take that as acceptance.
Since I'm the primary knob twiddler I will keep on doin' what I do.

Stream the Show:

Download the MP3: HERE

Chack out the Archive.org page: HERE

Until next week, have a remarkable leap year recognition day.

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