Tuesday, February 7, 2012

American Strikeout

This is another crazy week. Several papers due next week; one on the War of 1812, one on the link between media and crime and another where I have to apply Marxist socioeconomic theory to a film. I chose American Psycho. The link is rather obvious; so much so that I may get called out for taking the easy route. We'll see.

I get the feeling that the only types of weeks I will be having from now until graduation. I will try my damnedest to bring you a quality show every week. I was going to try something new on this episode but ran out of time, so tune in next week for this potentially career-ending experiment.

The good news this week is that Carl King gave the show a shout out and placed a link to this blog on his friends page. This is exciting news. I don't know if we'll gain any new listeners but I shall try to maintain whatever questionable standards I possess.

Stream the show:

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Check out the archive.org page: HERE

Until next week, stay less frantic that I am.
- Jackie Treehorn

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