Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm a week into classes and I've already turned in three writing assignments. Kill me now. Please. Please? I'm predicting lots of sleep deprivation occurring as the semester trundles on.

In other news, Wikipedia has shut down in protest over SOPA/PIPA. Thats a laudable move in the face of other sites backing out on their promise to do the same. LEARN MORE HERE.

Well the show was great this week. I had a good time dickin' around in the studio and diggin' through old CDs in the collection. Mos Def was our G.A.P.E.S. selection of the night.

Stream the show:

Download the MP3: HERE

Check out the Archive.org page for tracklisting and other info: HERE

Its icy outside. I will do my best to slide on home without overturning my large, expensive, gas guzzling American vehicle.
- Jackie "fishtailin'" Treehorn

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