Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Studio Echoes

Good 'ol DJ Gun Rack is down in South Carolina experimenting with new gun rack designs and accessorizing his duelly with some chrome and stack pipes. He may make it back in time to do the show but lets not count on it. Slow and stylish is his usual traveling velocity.

What this means is that Harvey will be in the studio all by his lonesome. A horrible tendency to procrastinate coupled with a not inconsiderable workload from school this semester will most likely lead to some great on-air gaffs. Remember that the request line can be used for threats, too.
Keep it tuned to WIDR and listen in tonight at midnight to hear what explodes, malfunctions, or acts furtive when asked piercing questions.


  1. Yes! The Streaming is up again so I will be sure to bombard you with sonic entertainment! Get ready for ear-bleeding awesome!

  2. CONSPIRACY! At midnight exactly, the streaming goes haywire. Blasphemy!