Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The LAN Party 2.0 back again with that sound to jam your ear tubes

our two hosts were getting downright avant in their music selection tonight. We hope you liked it; if you did not please contact your local congressman.

We typically post the stream and the download link to the MP3 every week but we feel that doing so would be cloggin' the intertubes. We keep our dump truck private.

Oh phooey!

We can't lie to you like that. The LAN Party 2.0 supports Net Neutrality. Back that dump truck right up and let us blast some byte-dumps your direction.

Stream here:

Download the MP3

- Your dumpy DJs


  1. Took me long enough to finally listen to the podcast. I loved the show guys. You had some awesome picks that is for sure and wish I could have contributed! Ahhh well!

    Also! When is there going to be a facebook group? Where else will I post THIS?


  2. The FB page is still in the works. I take full blame for not making it official yet. This semester has been hellish.