Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Music is Best Music Unless It Isn't But Ussualy Like the rule with Food it is...

Yes it's that time aGAYn yes we here at the LAN FARTY enjoy spreading the word about places to find legit free musick.

So this day on our plate of fuck the RIAAssness we give you Bifocal Media, now even tho Bifocal sells CD's and does the small indie label thing, they like many indie labels know that if nobody hears their artists then nobody will be even tempted to buy or see them live unless there is word of mouth. The one way I know to create word of mouth is to create sleeper cells of fans.

So without further bull here is their MP3 page

As you may have noticed it lands on a band called The Kickass, and this is simply because they do in fact kickass and it is because of their album "Death Metal is for Pussies" that we sought out more information about them, and thus found this treasure trove of trying before buying.

The Lan Party is a non commercial latex free alternative to cock rings, now with more sauce!

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