Friday, March 19, 2010

WIDR week Online Donational Spiel

I know using a phone is hard and I know coming out to cheap shows or cheap awesome movies can be hard so for all of you who don't enjoy leaving your domicile but still enjoy the soothing mellow/jarring sounds of WIDR you can give moneys online from the comfort of your own toilet if need be.

Few things I might of forgotten to mention on the air last week, WIDR DJ's are volunteers, which as far as I know is the only Radio Station in the area. This means that people show up every week and find new things and sometimes as I do, order CD's from across oceans just to have something new for the show, this happens because we really do love music. Some DJ's put on shows, some are sound techs at local venues, many are musicians themselves. Think of it this way, you can listen to a commercial radio station that every three songs or as they call it a BLOCK plays 5 commercials for things your don't give a shit about and wouldn't give your time of day if these same products were offered to you by a door to door salesman. Several radio stations in Kalamazoo are owned by Cumulus which as they boast them selves is the second largest radio conglomerate, notice how not once do they mention music in their opening extrusion.

WKFR-FM 103.3
WRKR-FM 107.7
WKMI-AM 1360

In their own words:
"Cumulus provides high-impact local marketing solutions in 68 metropolitan areas. We introduce businesses of all sizes to our communities of 14 million listeners via radio, digital media, targeted e-mail, and on-site promotions. These solutions help our customers build strong brands and tap into over $400 Billion of spending power."

I mean it's just a commercial telling other businesses how good they are at making commercials and spreading them. This is important, because now we know what the priority is, it's not the music, the music is the incentive for you to listen but it has nothing to do with creativity or finding new music or supporting local or independent artists, they play what is most popular to get the biggest audience of people who don't really care what they listen to but will get slowly brainwashed into buying furniture on presidents day. It's one long infomercial, and because they all have the same format, and formulaic approach, this means the DJ has very little choice as to the music that is played, if it's not on the playlist he cannot play it. If for example (Insert commercial DJ name here) heard an awesome song somewhere they can't bring it in and play it on the air, if it's not on the computer playlist which is prearranged he can't play it. He has limited ability to move things around far as order goes, but if someone calls in a request, he does a search and if you request the wrong Pink Floyd song from let's say Meddle instead of one of the albums that everyone knows, you are shit out of luck. I remember back in the day listening to commercial radio and requesting Black Sabbath songs from the first album, if it wasn't N.I.B. they wouldn't play it. At this time I would like to remind you that all these people are paid, but they serve no purpose except for telling you about events where they plan to try to sell you more things, If you wouldn't let someone in to your house to tell you about a great deal on furniture why would you turn on the radio that tells you the same thing?

Let's contrast this with WIDR, where the DJ's are volunteers and the only thing we want to sell you is new diverse music, and were quite passionate about it, we go out of our way to find your requests. We're also a community radio station, which basically means were your resource, if you don't like the music we play you can call in and if you really don't like it you can come apply and be a DJ, you don't have to be a student of any college. We bring shows to the area, we bring movies, all with the goal of showing you the other 99% of what's out there, because you get a very limited scope if you only listen to commercial radio. Like I mentioned on the air, when I listen to a commercial radio station I can guess the upcoming songs, because that's how predictable their playlists are, and I no longer discover any new music worth supporting there.

Even if you can't donate I just wanted to let you know how lucky we all are that WIDR exists as an alternative to the rabid monotony of these radio monopolies that are just machines for selling you shit that will break and you will throw away sooner than you may think.

Raul "The Scowl"

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  1. I couldn't agree more!

    At my work, we have to rotate each week who gets to pick the radio station. I was submitted to the mind melting crap that is mainstream country music for so long, its no wonder i'm partially insane!!

    popular now is a song about rain. yes, rain! really? is this really necissary?
    what gets me is that ppl eat this shit up! they love it! it's not even a clever tune!

    here, see for yourselves:

    arrrghhhhhh!!! i come home and can't get the shitty songs out of my head, they play 'em 3+ times a day!
    i look forward to lanparty podcasts EVERY week, for a good mind clean'n! thanks to you both Fidel and Raul, for making this pop'n fresh show available for download the next day!

    your promptness and consistancy with the podcast uploads does not go unnoticed!

    -keep up the great work!