Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saint Drinkies Solicitation of Moneys Program Show Day

Yay well, bribery didn't work so well, we got one pledge and that one person will get an awesome exclusive package from the LAN party along with their WIDR swag.

Thanks Joseph for supporting Radio Evolution.

In general if you didn't donate you still have time, I mean you wont get our awesome package, and we do have an awesome package, but you can come out to one of the WIDR events and support us that way, or you can just call in to a different show, we don't mind, it all goes to a good cause. Not hearing fucking comercials every 3 songs is a good fucking cause in my book, and there is only one book, the bible, give it a read sometimes, bibles are in libraries...

Here's the show :)

Your Humble Dicktators
Fidel & Raul Podcastro (Sexual Relations)

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