Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Whoa! I got two calls!

Thanks for the calls tonight! I was glad to know that someone is tuning in, even if one of the calls was a fellow DJ who was concerned that there was an equipment failure.

In a matter of mere days I will be graduating from this esteemed university with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I have some avenues of pursuit regarding jobs but nothing on the immediate horizon. I plan on doing this show until I can no longer do it.

I'm looking forward to not having homework over the summer. Plans include job hunting, motorcycle riding, and distracting myself from the mountain of student debt I am wedged underneath. There will definitely be more time to formulate LAN Party playlists!

Heres this weeks show.
Stream it:

Steal it: HERE

Browse it: HERE

Yours geekily,
Jackie Treehorn

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