Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Calls of Fire

Thanks to all the callers! We had so many requests, we didn't have time to even
google some of them let alone find screen/play them all. We did get
several calls excited beyond our wildest dreams about the impromptu
excerpt from Bertrand Russell. If you would like to hear more you can
find the entire book on Archive.org or if their search is down,
beemp3.com. Thanks again for listening and here is the podcast.

Download the MP3

Harvey Mushman and DJ Gun Rack


  1. Great show guys! Bertrand Russell was a ballsy move and I loved it. Probably freaked a ton of people out. Keep up the good work and Viva La Revolution!

  2. Heh, if by "freaked out" you mean "pissed several people off at a party", then yes. But if you or any other listeners enjoyed it then it was worth playing. I will be the first to admit it wasn't our best show and that was a last minute move to cover LOTS of time. We enjoyed how it was working with/against the background music (Ryuichi Sakamoto)

    If any of those pissed off people are actually reading this (doubtful); lets just consider this your notification that requests will be weighed a bit more heavily from now on. One of my goals for the new format is to move away from some of the cheesy stuff. 'Nuff said.

  3. So do you guys want to have a lot more serious stuff than instead of the crazy net stuff? I have to remember this so I can refine my searches a bit more.

  4. No, we have never had a problem with your requests. Keep them coming. Please!

    What I want to avoid is excessively playing the music that everyone has heard before. People request them for nostalgia/irony's sake and to me, its a slippery slope that could lead to the show feeling like some sort of throwback or kitsch show. (Top Gun theme, Jurassic Park theme, Nickelodeon soundtracks, Mario themes,etc.) We've all heard those songs enough that we don't need to spend a lot of time hearing them again. I'm not going to completely stop playing this music, just trying to be a little more selective in the hopes that the show stays fresh and listeners won't know what to expect on a weekly basis.

    Hope that makes sense.
    - Harvey Mushman

  5. Oh that makes perfect sense. One can only hear the Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap so many times that it drives one mad. I think people don't realize that a lot of that stuff is fun at first, but after a while, it just isn't really good. Where as Clowny Clown Clown by Crispin Glover is fucking timeless!

    Also, I see people getting you guys confused with the Saturday Morning Cartoon show, which is not the same thing!

  6. The Russell piece is pretty great imo. While you noted this as a last minute show, I've been enjoying the slightly tweaked format a lot. Keep it up.

    J-Unit 1