Monday, May 3, 2010

Ifin choo ist Bored

If you're bored you're wasting your life, but we're not here to judge, instead here is a way to waste some more time.

If you can read the link you don't really need an explanation of what it's all about.

However to get you started here is the superhero I created, just to inspire you.

Perhaps I'm taking advantage of Marvels marketing scheme/kindness in averting one from doing something worthwhile with your life. Since it is fucking short and who knows you might be a fucking manatee living your life grazing on underwater plants when all of a sudden a company you've never heard of let's say named BEE PEE decides to poison you because a cut off switch just seemed like an expense that could wait.

But I digress, so go ahead waste some more energy playing little internet games, while manatees die for your sins.

Raul "Bitter Anus" Podcastrosphe

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