Thursday, January 21, 2010

Primer for the Geyser!

So in anticipation of Fidel Podcastro's critique of modern radio, I thought I would put down a layer of distaste.

My personal pet peeve comes courtesy of Genres, and the completely ass backwards way they are used to not describe music.

In our endless searches for new and exciting music to entertain our listeners, yes we do every single week scour the depths of music, we don't just skim the froth off the top. Sometimes descriptions for musical acts are written on blogs by dipshits and so here are my top 3 favorite shit genres: experimental no punk, anti folk, and no rock. To be fair I'm not saying the music they described is bad, I'm saying I have no fucking clue, because out of principle for using such bad descriptors I will not listen to anything described as NOT one single genre. For example I drive a non Chevrolet, what car do I drive? I drink anti pop, does that mean I drink anything but pop, WHO THE FUCK KNOWS! I also wear anti sandals and my fighting style can best be summed up as crabcore!

P.S. I know Kymia Dawson plays AntiFolk, and I think it's a really bad descriptor for what is just cute silly acoustic music, that is anything but anti folk, if anything it is pro folk. This just now was a really good example of something else that pisses me off, people who name drop, assuming everyone that reads their shit review will know what it means if they say a band sounds a bit like early Ted Leo, or like a mid era less aggressive Fever Ray. It is an obvious way to spread your taste in music as someone may look up those bands to try to figure out what the fuck you mean. I am not fully against name dropping though, I have found many great bands this way, however it says something about us as a people who are unable to describe what music sounds like without numerous comparisons to other bands, when we can't even come up with descent descriptive genre names.

With all this in mind here is Kymia performing one of the songs she had on the Juno OST, hey now you know exactly what she sounds like and you know where to get here music if you so desire.

Now that wasn't so hard.


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