Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's that time again...


OH SHIT NO!!! You have no excuse not to listen now, even tho we started recording a little late, oh well, eventualy we will get it right. Stay tuned for more of a professional god fearing approach to broadcasting standards.

The LAN Party Crüe


  1. Great show again guys. I love it! Sorry for double requesting Go Go Robo Q, I just got off of work and didn't hear it play.

    Oh and Robert Pattinson at work today we received R-Patt throw pillows, comforters AND bags. I am sooo excited I can scream. So with that I give you his greatest work, which I KNOW you will enjoy.


  2. i will say that i am truly weirded out by my voice when i hear it played back to me haha...
    - DJ starscream.

  3. Bah don't be, the oscar wilde like wordplay that spews forth from your verbal orifice compliments the deadpan voice of excellence!