Monday, August 17, 2009

Free Music and Supporting Artists.

As you may know we love free music, and part of it is that we know we're not giving money to undeserving middle men in suits who think of bands as commodities to be shuffled around on a large checkers board. The other reason is that word of mouth works far better and is more profound and powerful if it comes with music you can take with you and listen to at your leisure. Metallica never figured that out, and neither did most of the bands addicted to label cartels, however smaller bands knew this long ago and with the help of the internet are exploring ways to get the music to anyone who may want to hear it, creating pools of support that then become possible tour locations. So with that in mind let me share a couple of bands who are giving away their music for free just recently and both trying different methods.

First is a band from Portland called Wax Fingers, they are a predominately instrumental post rock band, and they have decided to give away their first CD through FileFactory, you can find the link on their MySpace blog. This is a great method, because it's free, it's convenient, and I along with many other people who actually bought their CD will forward the link to our friends with ease and joy. Giving the power to the people, to choose, to sample and to know, and at the end to be in control of what we listen to. Look for Wax Fingers to release new material soon :)

Second is a heavier band from Boston called Constants, ,they have just released a new album called The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension, you can get it on triple Vinyl or CD or you can download it for free. Yes you heard right, and why would a band let you download their newest album they spent a long time working on for free, well for every song downloaded gives the artists % of the ad revenue, but all you have to do is go and download the music for free. you can read more about their plan there. You can also just go here and download the new album from Constants and then explore the rest of the site.
I also hope that 09.16.09 TBA Kalamazoo / Grand Rapids / Lansing MI gig happens in Kalamazoo :)

Good hunting!

DJ Donatello

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